Welcome to Union Awards 2017!

It’s that time of year again, iron your best shirt, get your best dress out, its time look back and celebrate what amazing year it has been at the Students’ Union annual awards ceremony.

Each year the Students’ Union hold an annual awards ceremony to celebrate and look back on the amazing achievements of the year. For some of you, this is the final goodbye to friends, peers and team-mates. For others it’s a chance to say thank you to those that have, and continue to inspire.

The awards are split into 3 categories sports, societies and student representation. The awards cover everything from individual achievements, group and team success.

Do you know someone that is deserves special recognition? Are you part of group, team or society that has exceeded expectation of made a real difference to your University experience?

Make sure you nominate who you think is deserving and celebrate the year in style!

Nominations are now open: nominate a friend, team or society or nominate yourself  

You can find out more about Union Awards by clicking here.

What awards are up for grabs?

  • Newcomer of the Year 2017 – (Club or Society)
  • Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution
  • Sports Team Committee Member of The Year
  • Sports Team Captain/President of the Year
  • Society Committee Member of the Year
  • Society President of the Year
  • Sports Team Member of the Year
  • Society Member of the Year
  • Most Improved Sports Team
  • Most Improved Society
  • Society of the Year
  • Course Rep of the Year – LCM
  • Course Rep of the Year – LSFMD
  • Course Rep of the Year – CLBS
  • Course Rep of the Year – ELS
  • Course Rep of the Year – LCHT
  • Course Rep of the Year – SCE
  • Course Rep of the Year – SHSS
  • Course Rep of the Year – CMMH
  • Sports Team of The Year
  • Outstanding Contribution to Education
  • Best Event or Activity

How are the awards won/judged?

You can nominate as many times as you like, but remember, awards aren’t won on the number of nomination received, but what the strength of the nomination.

An independent judging panel will judge the nominations for each award. They will pick the winner from a shortlist of the best nominations.

Key dates

  • Nominations open: Monday 13 March, 9am, online
  • Nominations close: Monday 3 April, 9am, online
  • Awards: Tuesday 2 May, 7pm-3am. Weston Hall